ACTUATOR SL, is a company founded in 1978, located in Zaragoza (Spain), with a closed industrial surface of 3000 m2, designs, and manufacture mechanical gear boxes actuators for valves, both linear and 90º rotary, as well as pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators, and extension stem valves. Among others, Actuator manufacture and supply equipment for the following applications:

   •  Military and aerospace industry (special containers)

   •  Nuclear and Thermals power plants (waste containers and pipe supports).


ACTUATOR SL has implemented since its foundation, a Quality Assurance System as per ASME and is a approved by the  Quality Propietary Assurance Group of Spanish Nuclear Power Plants: And is certified as per UNE-EN-ISO 9001 by SGS-ICS Ibérica.


Contact Information

Telephone:  +34 976 500 552                       Email:                          Address: Polígono Industrial San Valero n. 6-7. Ctra. Castellón, Km 4,8.  50013. Zaragoza (Spain)
Fax:  +34 976 500 551